I'm Marco Parrone.

Sytem Engineer.

Marco Parrone


I work in Turin (Italy) as a System Engineer. I've five years of experience in configuring, administrating and troubleshooting IBM AIX systems, I'm also an expert in the PowerVM and PowerHA technologies. Before of that I worked as a system operator for eight years, I had the opportunity to manage a big variety of operating systems, backup solutions, and application platforms. I'm also a Open Source enthusiast since at least 18 years, so I'm quite familiar with Linux and the open source community in general too.

My Skills

Enterprise-class UNIX technologies: IBM AIX, PowerVM, PowerHA

Open Source technologies: RedHat Linux, CentOS, UNIX Shell Programming


Here are some documents and notes which I wrote in my free time while studying and experimenting with various software and technologies:


In my spare time I like to write some scripts and little programs, with the purpose to try some programming language or technology:

For Common Lisp:

For Windows Phone, Windows, and Linux:
For Windows and Linux:
For Linux only:


Turin, Italy

Email: marco@marcoparrone.com