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I work in Turin (Italy) as an application support specialist. I support the deployment and the troubleshooting of applications on infrastructures built on the Weblogic, JBoss, and Apache HTTP Server technologies.

I've five years of experience in the setup, administration and troubleshooting of IBM AIX systems, including also the PowerVM and PowerHA technologies.

Before of that I worked as a system operator for eight years, I had the opportunity to manage a big variety of operating systems, backup solutions, and application platforms. I'm also a Open Source enthusiast since at least 18 years, so I'm quite familiar with Linux and the open source community in general too.

My Skills

Enterprise Java Application Servers: Weblogic, JBoss

Open Source technologies: Apache HTTP Server, RedHat Linux, UNIX Shell Programming

Enterprise-class UNIX: IBM AIX, PowerVM, PowerHA


Here are some documents and notes which I wrote in my free time while studying and experimenting with various software and technologies:


In my spare time I like to write some scripts and little programs, with the purpose to try some programming language or technology:

Progressive Web Apps:

For Android:

For Common Lisp:

For Windows Phone, Windows, and Linux:
For Windows and Linux:
For Linux only:


Turin, Italy

Email: marco@marcoparrone.com